Leaving your 9-5 job can be a stressful experience, especially when you actually really like it! But when you have the support of an online community, such as my Facebook group, From Side Hustle to CEO, the journey is a lot easier. Jade Buford, a graphic designer, and photographer knew she wanted to make the transition to self-employment and felt that with support, she could.

Jade was working for a multi-million dollar company that she loved, but she knew she was destined for another path. She rarely saw her husband; they were like ships passing in the night. She's a multi-passionate creative who joined my Facebook group back in February 2019 looking for a coach to guide her transition.

Once we figured out what kind of business Jade wanted to start, she worked on writing her resignation letter. It was a cathartic experience for her, and even though she didn't send it right away, it got her thinking and experiencing the emotions she needed before she left.

Jade started her own business as a graphic designer, and after being in business for a couple of months now, she has started her own side hustle as a photographer. While there are a few different ways of combining your passions, Jade has decided to create a separate website for her photography business.

Throughout all these transitions, Jade has relied on our online community to support her. Whether she was seeking advice, a guiding hand, or a push in the right direction, she knows she can rely on her online community. They've supported her through every step of the trial and error process many entrepreneurs are faced with, and Jade knows they'll be there for her no matter what.

Do you have a supportive online community to support you through your entrepreneurial journey? How do you balance building your business alongside your full-time job? Are you ready to write your resignation letter?

In This Episode:

  • How to decide when it's time to take the leap from full-time employment to self-employment
  • Why you should write your resignation letter before you're ready to leave your job
  • How to branch out from your original service offer
  • What the transition from full-time employee to self-employment looks like
  • How online communities can support you through your entrepreneurial rollercoaster
  • Why you sometimes need to focus on trial and error until you find your entrepreneurial swing


"I feel like I'm a multi-passionate person and so it's easy for me to connect with new activities. But it's been nice to focus on photography and grow that skill set." ([13:23])

"Once you aren't working 9-5 anymore, you're kind of working by yourself a lot. It's really nice to have an online community where you're almost like co-workers, to give each other support and feedback on projects. We're kind of like a family." ([17:29])

"Taking the leap to do something that's scary oftentimes is more rewarding and even better things come along." ([24:46])


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