Pitching your services can be one of the scariest parts of business, especially if you're not used to putting yourself out there. But sister, you are the business now. So you have to put your boss babe pants on and share your business with the world. 

But where do you even start? What do you say? What if they say no? Let's cover how to pitch your services and nail the sale.

Pitch to Brands You Actually Like

Sure, you need clients. But you don't want just any client do you? This is your business now and part of the beauty of that is that you get to call the shots. So work with people and businesses you're actually going to enjoy working with! And when you enjoy working with them, you perform better, so they're more likely to work with you down the line.

Finding brands that you want to work with is going to start with your company values. I know you have those written down right? 😉 Well, pull them out and start envisioning which brands you know align. Make a list of a couple brands that would be a good fit, collect their social media tags and emails if you can. Now that you know who you're going to pitch to, let's cover how you're going to pitch.

Show an Interest in Their Business

Have you ever been to the mall and had someone from the middle kiosk approach you? They're trying to sell you the latest and greatest curling iron that apparently makes you Rapunzel? Isn't it kind of a turn off? Absolutely it is! Because they don't know you or what you like or what you want – or anything about you!

When you're reaching out to businesses do your research. Show that you have a genuine interest in their brand, first and foremost. Support them first and share how you can relate. Businesses love to work with other business who understand them and their mission.

Example: "Hi there, I came across your business on Instagram. I love that you contribute a portion of your profits dog shelters, I'm also very passionate about putting every dog in a good home." 

There, you've started the conversation, you showed an interest in something unique to them and you related. Now, once you've genuinely connected, let's pitch your business to them. 

Why Will You Be a Good Fit

Let's be honest, the market is saturated. There are other businesses just like yours who do what you do. But remember, they aren't you! So what makes you different? What's your passion, niche and experience? 

When you're reaching out to a business, tell them why it would be a good fit. They don't know you or your services, so you have to make it very apparent why you should work together. 

Example: "Hello, I'm a local photographer and I'm reaching out because I would love to shoot with your boutique. I have years of experience shooting with bloggers and think I have the right eye to showcase your pieces to the right audience". 

This isn't cocky or pushy, you're making it clear that this is something that you do very well and it would benefit them.

Pitch the Value You Can Bring Them

The secret to pitching is that it's not about you, it's about the client. It's not about what they can give you, tell them what value you and your services will bring them. Of course, they will be paying for your services, and hopefully they'll be paying well. So you want to make it clear what they are paying for. How will this help their business? How will this help the owner? 

Example: "As a business owner I know you have so much to do. You shouldn't have to worry about if you posted on Instagram today. My social media service will take this off your plate and guarantee consistent content, so you can focus on the business." 

Almost any business owner is looking for more time in the day. Your services will probably give them some time back. State the value that your service can bring them. Not only will it save them time, but it will also be putting the work in the hands of a professional. 

Set a Meeting Date

Have you ever met someone, chatted for a while and then let months go by before you ever reach out again? We've all done it. I highly recommend setting up a follow up meeting or a step to move forward. If your reaching out over social media or email, suggest a phone call or meeting. If you're meeting in person, tell them you'll send a quote or proposal. Don't leave the conversation open ended, it will get forgotten. We all have super busy schedules, if you want to sign the client, then push the next step. 

Example: "I'm so glad we we've been able to chat over email. What morning next week works for your schedule for me to stop by?"


Example: "It has been so great meeting with you and learning more about your business, I will send you a proposal by the end of the week so we can move forward". 

Again, this isn't pushy. It's confidence in your service, what you offer and the value you bring to the table. 

Some people will say no, trust me, we've all gotten "no" in our career. But this approach will connect you with businesses that are a good fit for you and you're making it clear why it's a mutually beneficial deal. 

When You're Told "NO"

For every no, there's a yes out there. Here are a few things to remember during those times you're turned down:

  • Don't take it personally
  • Don't give up on pitching
  • Follow up in a couple months, the circumstances might have changed
  • Maintain a good relationship, this could be a "yes" down the line