International Women’s Day has been celebrated for 110 years. But as an event with no single organizer and no set agenda, what does it stand for?

In 1908 a group of women gathered together in New York City to take a stand for fair pay, the right to vote, and decent working conditions, and word of their commitment to equality traveled. In 1911 the first official International Women’s Day rally was held.

Yay! Victory! (Sarcasm intended) Not so fast…

While I am eternally grateful for the courageous spirit of our pioneering sisters, we still have a long way to go.

How sad is it that women, young and old, all over the world are still battling to be seen even in 2018—and I’m talking being SEEN and respected, to be treated as valuable and worthy? Not seen as ‘objects’, property, or a lesser species. But seen for the incredible importance we bring to the table—for who we are, our significance, and the power of what we have accomplished.

Today as I reflect on International Women’s Day I look at what we HAVE accomplished but look, too, at where we have to go. Although I am grateful that we live in an era where things like equal pay and sexual harassment are now coming to light-they are conversations that desperately need to be had-we need more than talk.

Ladies, it’s time… We need a game plan. We need a strategy. We need VICTORY!

And I’m not insinuating that we are at war and promoting an “us against them” mentality. No… I believe it starts by going so much deeper than that.

I’m actually promoting that we start by analyzing our own team, because half our battle seems to be that we have a tendency to take our own teammates out. In fact, I was talking to a woman yesterday who relayed the story of her female boss telling her, “this will be the year I break you.” We will never advance if we continue to turn against one another.

We are never going to be positioned in a place of equality if we can’t support our team. Friends, a house divided CANNOT stand!

So, let’s start with ourselves and work outward. First, take a look internally and ask yourself:

–       What am I doing to support and promote my team? Great! Keep doing it.

–       What am I doing that isn’t supportive to my team? Well, STOP IT!

–       How can I work together with my teammates in a better, more productive manner?

–       When can I start? NOW!

Team, I believe in the unity of sisterhood and see how women banned together to get stuff done, even in 1908! Look at what they accomplished! Now, over 100 years later, we have the ability to go so much farther and faster… we CAN gain EQUALITY! But first, we have to play like a team. You in?! LET’S DO THIS!!!

I’d love to hear about your work stories (the good, bad, and ugly) and successes – and how you’ve dealt with them. Contact me and I’ll include in future articles.

(names and company will be changed for your privacy)