Between my two books, my podcast, my research, and my experience as a CEO in the healthcare industry (which is dominated by male leaders) – gender equality is one of my favorite topics. I’ve spent years researching the factors contributing to the gender gap at the top levels of leadership. It truly lights me up. 

Why is it that women make up more than half of degree-holders and more than half of the workforce, but we make up less than 5% of the top level- the C-level? How does that add up? Here’s another crazy fact, with the current rate of women rising in the workplace and the current wage gap, we won’t see equality for at LEAST another 100 years! That means our daughters and grand-daughters won’t even see equality. I know, it’s infuriating. 

I started a healthcare business with a mission to be an amazing employer. And apparently I was just that, because I ended up working myself out of a job, although I still own the company and I’m CEO, but I structured my company to truly run without me. Today that little company is a national healthcare enterprise that employs nearly 650 people in 11 cities across 3 states. I then published two books and started speaking all over the nation. I know the facts, stats and crazy details behind gender inequality – but me speaking about it wasn’t going to change corporate America, unfortunately. But I still want my daughters to experience the C-level and equality. 

Last May I was speaking at a women’s luncheon about gender inequality in the workplace, which was a typical speaking engagement for me. But this one particular event ended up igniting a new passion and career for me. I met my first mentee, Valerie, she heard me speak and was in a “stuck” position at her career. She was underpaid, overworked and undervalued. 

After reading my book, she reached out to me. We emailed back and forth and then got dinner. When she talked about how she wasn’t happy at her job and one day wanted to own her own company, I knew I could help her. And it didn’t have to be ‘some day’. She was young, driven and ready to put in the work to have the career of her dreams – she just needed some guidance. 

Since meeting Valerie in May 2018, she launched her own company, Lumos Creative, just 4 months later. Today that company is a 6-figure content creation agency with a team of 6 creatives – all in 15 months. That’s how I knew I can help these women – by using my experience, expertise, and contacts, I can mentor and coach them to start and scale their own companies. 

I helped Valerie establish her goals, make a plan and then held her accountable while she conquered Dallas. This is how I can make an impact. This is how I can change the future for my daughters. With my experience and knowledge I can help women take their careers into their own hands and change the dismal gender equality statistics in America.

Now I coach women across the nation to launch and scale their own businesses, to monetize their worth and kick ass. But Since coaching these women, I’ve found that there are some really bad business coaches out there- and they just give plain bad advice. Some are money hungry, have insufficient strategies, or they’re just bad coaches.

I’m not saying that I’m the only business coach out there, or even the best coach out there. But if you’re ready to hire a coach to take your business to the next level, then you need to choose the right one for you. But who is the right one? 

Have they done it?

First things first, have they done what you’re trying to do? Have they launched a business? Scaled it? Employed people, fired people? I highly recommend choosing a business coach who has walked the path you’re trying to walk. Not only will they be able to provide valuable advice from experience, but they can also give you short cuts. We’ve all made mistakes, but you don’t have to make those same mistakes! 

What are your values?

This one is another biggie. You can have the smartest, most successful coach in the world – but do y’all get along? Some of you may think that compatibility isn’t important in this relationship. But trust me, growing your business is an ongoing journey and you want somebody who is going to get your through the lows and also celebrate the highs.

Evaluate what your core values are and be sure to find somebody who is aligned with those. This could be:

  • The type of clients you want
  • The way you want to employ your staff
  • Your ethical or religious values

You need somebody who you will be comfortable sharing your struggles with and someone who is going to respect your decisions as you grow.


How have they helped others like you?

Just because somebody is successful, doesn’t mean they can tell you how to do it well. Have you ever had a teacher who is obviously extremely intelligent, but they just can’t seem to break down physics in a digestible way for you? You need a coach who not only knows her stuff, but can help you understand it. You won’t have a coach forever, so you need to understand the basics of business and learn from your business coach so you can tackle business with or without them.

Be Ready to Work

Okay, so now you found somebody who has launched a successful business, they align with your values and they’ve successfully coached others like you – the question is are YOU ready?

Hiring a coach is a huge step in your career, but you have to be ready to be coached. Have you seen Karate Kid? You have to be prepared to take the guidance from the coach. Sometimes it won’t be what you like to hear, they may need to be brutally honest or hold you accountable – but it’s always for your growth. Wax on, wax off young grasshopper.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your business, then hire a coach. After all, we’re in this together and two heads are better than one- especially when they know what the hell they’re talking about. But be picky, this is somebody who you’re going to rely on while to help you make your dreams a reality.

And if you do think that you and I would be a good fit, then don’t hesitate to reach out! Send me a DM, email me- [email protected], send smoke signals, but do what you gotta do. BecauseI’m ready to change the statistics and help more women be CEOs!