The time is now! You heard me, now is the time to start your business! Why now you ask? Entrepreneurship is all the rage these days, #bossbabe right? But for real – so many women are becoming their own bosses because now is the best time for it. It's the best time in the economy, in the digital age and it's the best time for you! Here is why you need to start your business now!

Technology is Your Friend

I know sometimes it feels like technology and social media are deep, dark holes of comparison, materialistic showcases and millennial addiction. I won't deny those, but the technology today can also be your long awaited friend. It's more efficient, automated and helpful than ever before. How many businesses can you think of that solely function through technology? Dozens right? Amazon, Ipsy, Uber, etc.  It's time to take advantage and use technology as a resource.

Whether you're business goals are service based or product based, you can start a profitable, successful business today. Say goodbye to the days of having to have a storefront, spending hundreds on a billboard ad or going door-to-door to make a sale. You can literally do everything from that amazing piece of technology that can fit right in your hand.

From legal advice, virtual services and the power of social media marketing – you can truly build a national- or global- business from the comfort of your home. Let's look at how.

Gig Economy

Starting a business is hard work and it's a huge commitment. But I promise you, taking the leap to start a business is actually more secure now than it ever was. Remember your parents preaching that you need to have a years salary saved up? What about "more than half of small businesses fail in the first year"? We've heard the horror stories of being an entrepreneur. But let me share the realities with you. There are so many "side hustle" opportunities that you can engage in while building your business.

  • Uber, Lyft
  • Poshmark
  • Etsy
  • Copywriting

Of course, I want to encourage you to run your business full-time. But I want to be transparent and say that there are ways to bring in some money when needed. The beauty of the gig economy is that you can pick up "gigs" whenever you need to! And they're quick, paid gigs. This means that although you need to dive in head first to entrepreneurship, there are still backup ways to bring in money without stretching yourself across two full-time jobs.

Take Your Livelihood Into Your Own Hands

This is by far the most prominent reason for starting your own business now. Corporations have all the power when you're an employee. They can downsize, layoff or fire for any reason – especially in at-will states like Texas. Do you want to constantly live at the mercy of your boss? If your answer is yes, then you might be reading the wrong blog. Your answer should be a "HELL NO'. You may love your job, you may be great at your job, your boss may love you – and if so, I'm happy for you.

But remember, every company will do what's best for the company, which usually means what's in the best interest of the bottomline. This means that most companies will drop you the second they need to. I hate to sound harsh but it's true.

I have a mentee who was working at a privately owned PR firm. They loved her, she was great at her job, hardworking, overachieving and always improving her services. Then the company started to make some changes – changes that she didn't agree with. She thought that because she was in such a good position that she could openly voice her opinions at this company. Well, unfortunately, the company wasn't very concerned with how she felt and pushed her out. They let her entire department leave and stopped selling their services altogether- all because it came down to reputation and money. 

This could happen to you. But when you own your own business, you're in the driver's seat. Yes, things will be tough. Yes, you'll have to work hard. But you will always be "in the know" of what's going on and you'll always be the decision maker.


And let's face it. What's the worst that can happen? Even if you start your business today and it fails, you can start another! Or worst-case scenario, you get a job again. But best-case scenario, you start a company and you thrive! You get to work for yourself, call the shots, doesn't that sound amazing?


I started my healthcare business as a pregnant, newly married mom right after the tragic events and economic plunge of 9/11. Before that I'd been a single teen mom on welfare!  if I can do it, you can do it, too. 


Between technology advancements, the fast-paced gig economy and the rapid increase of entrepreneurs – now is the time! Don't let another year go by wishing you had taken the steps to get started! Let 2020 be YOUR year!


If you've been thinking about starting a business but don't know where to start – reach out to me. I have my online course that takes you step by step through the process and I offer one-on-one coaching for more intensive, customized guidance.