The 10 Mistakes Female Millennial Entrepreneurs Must Avoid Before Launching Their Own Business.

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If you’re here, you’re probably….

  • Working like a dog in a job you hate and  want to launch your own company and get out of the rat race
  • Have an awesome side-hustle that you’re ready to explode into a full-time gig
  • Have an existing business that just needs someone who’s ‘been there’ ‘done that’ to show you the ropes
  • Needing experienced guidance to help open doors
  • Needing career development tools to start and scale your dreams!

Why Me?

  • I was in my 20s when I started my own service-based company. I got fed up being someone’s under-valued, unappreciated employee and decided I could do it myself! The day I opened for business, I had 10 clients and had no idea what I was doing.
  • Today my company is a multi-million dollar, multi-state empire, with hundreds of employees and serving thousands of clients.
  • In 15 years of business, I’ve made several mistakes along the way—and I want to help you not make them, too!
  • I support female millennial entrepreneurs like YOU on your journey of creating success on your OWN terms.
  • It’s possible to be your own boss… pave your own way… but don’t do it alone.

I’m here to support you.


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